Pay Tuition & FEES Online

We now accept electronic payments for tuition and fees!  This includes lunch and After School Fees.

All bills should be paid in a timely manner. 

Non-payment may result in your child being withdrawn from Westwood.

Clicking on the "Pay Now" button below will take you to, where you can securely complete a transaction.  If you have any special instructions for the payment, please indicate that in the  "Company" line

of the billing information section. 

Online payments are not immediate. It will take 24-48 hours before they are processed. 

Please pay by Wednesday to be current for the following week.

It is recommended that you take a photo or screenshot of your confirmation page/receipt to send to or if you need to show proof immediately.

Be reminded that if you are paying with an "E-Check" most banks charge a fee

that parents will be responsible for.  

Thank you!

***Please include your name and address along with your payment!***