High school clubs & Extra CUrriculars

WCS currently offers 2 high school clubs. You can read more about them below.


WCS Art Club is open to all students in 9th-12th Grade. Art Club is run by Mrs. A. Cashmore and meets once a month in her classroom after school. We believe that God grants his children a beautiful gift of art. We also believe that, as educators, we should kindle that flame in students by offering an after school club to devote extra time to that special talent, and to brainstorm new ways that we can give our talent back to God and create for His glory.

Requirements to Join

  • good character
  • good behavior
  • maintain a GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • practice safety and cleanliness
  • be in good attendance

What Does Art Club Do?

  • campus decorating
  • spring formal decorating
  • sports tags and banners
  • t-shirt making
  • art museum field trips
  • face painting fundraisers